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  • Drum Booths: Drum Sound Isolation Enclosures

    Drum Booths Drum Sound Isolation Enclosures. Playing the drums is certainly a lot of fun but can be very challenging, especially if you have family members in the house or some neighbours. Practising your drum skills will help you improve reflexes and tone your skills.

  • Drum Enclosure Drum Isolation Booth Drum Cages

    Cinemation Design - We build drum enclosures for churches and other events. We have 3 different designs Bullet, Reacon, and Micro in Roanoke TX 76262

  • Drum Shields Sweetwater

    Isolation booths are less common in live settings, but they're incredibly useful for studio recording and practice. Acoustic Absorption The panels themselves are only half of the drum shield equation. Drum screens are reflective, not absorbent, so the sounds they block bounce right back at the drummer and into the drum mics.

  • Esmono Isolation Booths - Sound Isolation Rooms -

    Esmono Sound Isolation Booths The Esmono range of isolution booths offer the perfect solution for studios, broadcast, post-production, education facilities, and offcies requiring a quite room. Esmono's acoustic properties make it ideal for vocals, voice overs and many applications that require an isolated and acoustically treated room.

  • Isolation Booths - Advanced Acoustics

    Great to use as an Isolation Booth, Vocal Booth or Recording Booth, we supply 12 standard sizes ranging from 1.2m square right up to large 4.2m by 4.8m isolation booths. All of our booths come equipped with a range of features as standard including, lighting, vision panels, cable passages and passive ventilation, plus there are various optional ...

  • Large Isolation Booths (Iso MegaPacs) – ClearSonic

    Large Isolation Booths (Iso MegaPacs) ClearSonic MegaPacs and IsoPacs are portable isolation booth packages that come in a wide variety of sizes. Booth size dimensions are estimates only. Booth foot-prints are somewhat elastic. They can be stretched or compressed in width and depth dimensions as needed. If necessary, a package can be modified ...

  • Practice Room Rehearsal Space Drum Booth

    WhisperRoom™ has engineered the perfect practice room. Our booths are portable, modular, and can be assembled and disassembled for easy reconfiguration or relocation. This is a lifetime investment for those wanting a practice room at their convenience. Turn Your Room Into a Drum Booth

  • Drum Booth Ableton

    Drum Booth contains carefully curated samples of acoustic kits recorded in a tight, dry room. Perfect on their own or as reinforcement for electronic drums, Drum Booth also offers a selection of unique experimental recordings not heard in standard acoustic libraries.

  • Amazon: Drum Booth - Drum Enclosure - Drum

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  • High Quality Drum Shields Acoustic Baffles -

    The world's leading manufacturer of high quality drum shields, acoustic baffles and portable isolation booths for over 20 years.