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  • TIDEP-0091 功耗优化型 77GHz 液位变送器参考设计 德州 ...

    In these applications, the system often operates on a low-voltage data line that provides less power than the operational power consumption. Duty cycling is critical to reducing the average power to meet the power input restrictions. Power optimization is achieved

  • Topography optimization of an enclosure panel for

    Author: Hyun-Guk Kim, Can Nerse, Semyung Wang
  • (PDF) Design Optimization of Axial Hydraulic Turbine

    2019-12-17  Studies are conducted on axial hydraulic turbine for very low head application which operates on low speed. Design optimization is generated

  • Provable accelerated gradient method for nonconvex

    2019-6-26  Optimization over low rank matrices has broad applications in machine learning. For large-scale problems, an attractive heuristic is to factorize the low rank matrix to a product of two much smaller matrices. ... \le r\}$$. We propose an accelerated gradient method with alternating constraint that operates directly on the $$\mathbf {U ...

  • performance optimization_c/c++_jamielover的专栏-CSDN博客

    2007-8-18  The fact is, low-level optimization has its place and only should be passed by if there is a conflicting requirement (like portability), there is no need, or there are no resources to do it. For more, see High level vs. Low level below.

  • Low Power Optimization - Texas Instruments

    2014-7-23  Low Power Optimization Introduction . Ultra-low power is in our DNA. The MSP430 is inherently low-power by design. But there’s more to it than that. As a system designer and programmer, you need to utilize the low-power modes and features to extract the most from the least. This chapter introduces us to a number of these ultra- low power (ULP)

  • Demand Flow Chilled Water System Optimization Brochure

    2020-5-29  patented, and proven optimization strategy that reduces energy consumption, improves occupant comfort, and extends equipment life. To achieve maximum energy savings, Demand Flow CHW from Siemens employs variable speed pumping on the chilled water and condenser water pumps, and operates variable

  • A Low Noise, Low Power Phase-Locked Loop, Using ...

    A divider-less, low power, and low jitter phase-locked loop (PLL) is presented in this paper. An extra simple open loop phase frequency detector (PFD) is proposed which reduces the power consumption and increases the overall speed. A novel bulk driven Wilson charge pump circuit, whose performance is enhanced by some optimization algorithms, is also introduced to get high output swing and high ...

  • Thermodynamic optimization of the operating

    2013-10-23  Thermodynamic optimization of the operating parameters for a combined power cycle utilizing low-temperature waste heat and LNG cold energy Huan Wanga, Xiaojun Shib, Defu Chea,* aSchool of Energy and Power Engineering, Xi ’an Jiaotong University, Xianning Road West 28#, Xian 710049, China b School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi ’an Jiaotong University, Xian 710049, China

  • Low-level Shader Optimization for Next-Gen and DX11

    2014-6-9  Low-level Shader Optimization for Next-Gen and DX11Emil PerssonHead of Research, Avalanche Studios. Introduction. ... From the shader’s point of view each instruction operates on a single float or integer. That is what “scalar” means when discussing the architecture. However, the hardware will still run many instances of the shader in ...

  • Design Optimization of Axial Hydraulic Turbine for

    Studies are conducted on axial hydraulic turbine for very low head application which operates on low speed. Design optimization is generated by optimizing the blade airfoil and blade cascade during development of the turbine blades.

  • Quantization Aware Training with TensorFlow Model ...

    2020-7-8  April 08, 2020 — Posted by the TensorFlow Model Optimization team We are excited to release the Quantization Aware Training (QAT) API as part of the TensorFlow Model Optimization Toolkit.QAT enables you to train and deploy models with the performance and size benefits of quantization, while retaining close to their original accuracy.

  • A level set method for structural topology

    1. Introduction. The goal of this paper is to advance methodology for structural topology optimization. We present a powerful method based on level set models for optimizing linearly elastic structures which satisfy a design objective and certain constraints. In the proposed method, the structure under optimization is implicitly represented by a moving boundary embedded in a scalar function ...

  • UI optimization tips in Unreal Engine 4

    2 Optimization plan 2.1 Game thread optimization 2.1.1 Invalidation Box 2.1.2 Visibility (Widget Visibility) 2.1.3 Widget Binding 2.2 Rendering thread optimization 2.2.1 Merging batches 2.2.2 Retainer Box 2.2.3 Event-driven Retainer Box 2.2.4 Switching materials 2.3 Other optimizations 2.3.1 C ++ development 2.3.2 Manager Class 2.3.3 Free ...

  • C++ Programming/Optimization - Wikibooks, open

    2020-6-11  Use of inline []. As seen before when examining the inline keyword, it allows the definition of an inline type of function, that works similarly to loop unwinding for increasing code performance. A non-inline function requires a call instruction, several instructions to create a stack frame, and then several more instructions to destroy the stack frame and return from the function.

  • Riot Blockchain Continues Optimization of Mining ...

    In consideration of low operating efficiencies due to the halving, all of the Company's remaining prior generation Bitmain S9 miners were taken off-line and have since been sold. Riot now operates approximately 4,000 Bitmain S17 Pros with an aggregate hashing power

  • Genetic Annealing Optimization Design and Real World ...

    2012-10-30  GeneticAnnealing Optimization: Design RealWorld Applications Mostafa AboulElla, Hassanien AjithAbraham HameedAl-Qaheri Mubarakcity Technology,University ResearchDistrict, P.O. 21934 New Borg Alarab, Alex, Egypt Email: [email protected]


    2016-1-25  imization of least squares functionals. The latter requires optimization algorithms for unconstrained problems with tensors of xed or adaptive low rank, for example block coordinate descent methods like (M)ALS [23], DMRG [38], and AMEn [9], or Riemannian optimization approaches that work on low-rank tensor manifolds [5, 29].

  • Distributionally Robust Stochastic Optimization with ...

    2016-7-19  Distributionally Robust Stochastic Optimization with Wasserstein Distance Rui Gao, Anton J. Kleywegt School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0205 [email protected], [email protected] Distributionally robust stochastic optimization (DRSO) is an approach to optimization under uncertainty

  • Tuning methodology — Cartographer ROS

    2019-10-15  Low Latency¶ By low latency, we mean that an optimized local pose becomes available shortly after sensor input was received, usually within a second, and that global optimization has no backlog. Low latency is required for online algorithms, such as robot localization. Local SLAM, which operates in the foreground, directly affects latency.